Eating Disorders – for sufferers and carers

An archive of old blog posts relating to Eating Disorders, including a couple aimed at friends and family of those suffering from them.

Advice for those who care

How to Support Somebody with an Eating Disorder: Taking a moment to think about how we can support those who support us

Helping People with Mental Illness: Advice on why people with Mental Illness don’t always want to be helped.

General Thoughts on Eating Disorders

Forbidden Fruit: Binge Eating is much more than food addiction.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too: A reblog – giving a little love to men with Eating Disorders.

Focus on the love, not the food:  A Share a little Love.

Scientific Evidence GivesEasy Remedy for Fatty Failures [rolls eyes]:  A bit of a rant about magasines and diets.

The Biggest Lies are the ones we tell ourselves:  Be kind to yourself 🙂

Have Binge Eating Disorder?:  You’re far from alone.

Ditch the Bathroom Scales for your health’s sake:  How are idea of health is skewed and how we can change it

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