Archive: My recovery

My Recovery Journey

What Happened to NomNom, where did she go?:

Another step forwards:

NomNom Wants a Bloggy Makeover: Dare to change what others have liked?

The tortoise wants to be a hare:  Pulling out of my comfort zone to get fit

First Counselling Session: May be triggering.  It’s a life story.  Literally!

Something old, Something new:  More life changes, but the start of counselling.

Relapse:  A shameful but important admission

All quiet on the Western Front:  Lies, Lies, Lies

We’re all wonderful, wonderful people:  A feel good singalong from one of my favourite artists.

Challenge One Completed!:  I completed my first challenge – a 5km swim!

Sneaky Weigh In: Weighing myself, putting on weight, and feeling ok (well, ish).

Pious Excuses: Giving up sugar for lent – is this genuinely for religious observance or am I using it as an excuse to diet?

Behind the Red Rope: Giving an insight into the things that have been kept from the blog. The unsexy, boring bits…

Mental Health Assessment: A personal account of a mental health assessment and the value of being honest.

Time to Talk – Responses to Campaign: Amazing responses from friends and family when I discussed my mental health.

1 in 4 people: My contribution to the Time To Talk Campaign – reducing stigma through conversations about mental health

You Have No Idea how Much You Helped Me: A personal account of my binge eating, and how a phone call stopped me.

First Flicker of ‘OMG I can’t do this’: The hardest step isn’t admitting you have a problem, it’s admitting your attempts to fix it don’t work.

First Confessions: Confiding in a friend, calling the doctor and that first appointment.

I Have An Eating Disorder: About me and Binge Eating Disorder – before the recovery journey.

If: Poem by Rudyard Kipling. Calm the mind with time honoured classic.

How people won my friendship and influenced me: and how they made me value doing the right thing, no matter how hard.

Feeling really blue:  An honest account of a low point – Trigger warning!

Dare me:  I need a challenge!

How I’m trying to cope with Binge Eating Disorder this Easter

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