Archive – General/Other Mental Health

Promoting General Mental Health

A collection of old blog posts on general mental health or on other mental illness not associated with Binge Eating Disorder.

Mental Health:  Read all About it:  Read the lyrics again.

Reblog:  Policeman in Hot Water after Twitter Joke About People With Mental Health Problems:  Oh dear…

Do unto others as you would do unto you: Be kind to yourself

Self Harm Awareness:  A reblog

Grit Your Teeth and Close Your Eyes:  We are stronger than we think

Annie Are you OK:  To encourage people to talk we need understanding listeners

International Day of Happiness:  Smile!!

How to talk to people who are suicidal or others in mental health crisis: In my humble opinion

The elluring black hole:  How depression sucks you in, but you still have to keep fighting anyway.

Monkey See, Monkey Do – Try taking your own advice once in a while.

A sense of Achievement:  Go on, big yourself up!

Guilt Complex:  Let it go.

What’s your picture of mental health?  Making a pledge to end mental illness discrimination, starting with a celebration of mental health.

Summertime Sadness: How the joy of summer can bring misery to many.

Our Survey Says: A small idea to make mental healthcare more accessible.

Controlling your memory: How memories are fickle things and can be changed so we are not trapped by our past.

Reblog: One small victory: This was no small victory – one woman speaks out and gets an amazing response.

Mental Illness affects one in four. Mental Health affects everybody: How to make mental health relevant when things are well.

Issue 4: ‘Editor’s Notes’ & Contents: A reblog of a magasine which shares several articles on mental health – including mine!

Teen test for depression: How a test to predict depression can show that mental health isn’t all in the mind.

Mental Health – The Gender Debate: Are women really more at risk of depression than men?

An Unusual Source of Inspiration: Lisa Simpson quotes “The Chinese use the same word for Crisis as they do for opportunity”

Red Race, sweating, aching and exhilarated!: Using activity for physical and mental wellbeing.

You might think you’ve failed: A blip isn’t a failure. Giving up completely is.

It’s the crazy talking: Thoughts about how long term illness become part of our identity and what happens when we then recover.

The Pitiful Cry: A discussion about suicide and whether people that talk about it don’t really mean to do it.

The Yummy Rocky Road: How positive change can still create negative stress

Disclosing Mental Illness – Am I Disabled? Do people with mental illness consider themselves as disabled?

Strong Smart Brave: A wee motivational picture for those who think they may need help

The Language of Mental Health: Looking at how the language we use about Mental Health contributes to stigma.

A Judge of Character: Sometimes first impressions can be wrong. But are we strong enough to admit that?

The Mentally Ill Need To Be Mentally Stronger To Get Help: With physical illness you are dragged through the process of getting well. With mental illness, you have to drag yourself then keep banging on the door.

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