One year on..


I had a notification that my blog was a year old today.  Which is a shame because I’ve not been around for a while.  It also made me realise why I started blogging in the first place.

Today is Time to Talk day.  It’s a day when people come together and have discussions about Mental Health.  So this time last year I used the power of Facebook, Twitter, and a blog to speak up.  It was hugely liberating and was the catalyst for a journey of recovery.

But then other things in my life like a new job, my boy starting school and ‘stuff’ took over and the blogging stopped.  Today I decided to launch 2 questionnaires to ask my Facebook Friends about their views on Mental Health and also one for my Binge Eating Disorder page on Facebook.  The aim was to basically get people to fess up and admit that they have experienced Mental Health problems in a safe anonymous way.  Because I know first hand how powerful it is to put that admission into words, even if you’re not identifiable.

I have had 2 responses on my Facebook page.  So 2 of my friends have anonymously put their hands up.   I’m pleased with that.  I’m not pleased that they are suffering obviously but since 1 in 4 people experience a Mental Health problem, the odds are I will know quite a few people who are in the same boat.  For that reason I’m hoping that a few more will be brave enough to come forward.

I am extending the invitation to you to complete my survey.  You will not be identifiable in any way.  The results / comments you make may be shared with others though (please state in the comments if you don’t want them to be shared).

Join in the conversation.

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