What happened to NomNom, where did she go?!

I got to a point where I was writing and thinking about my mental health all day every day. It was empowering to start with, but then I started to ruminate on my past and focus on all the time on my ‘illness’. Blogging, for a moment, was starting to pull me back.

While I have a sense of pride in encouraging other people, I really have to put my own health first. I think I’ve had enough of a break. I miss my little blog and I miss my family of fellow bloggers.

To fill you in, I have taken on a fitness program which focuses on getting fit and the ‘diet’ involves eating plenty to fuel the workouts. This is so far working out well for me. I’m also still going through counselling which has revealed a lot of hidden feelings I didn’t know I had.

We will see how that works out for me. Exercise has proven to be the biggest aide. I have lots of energy, I deal with stress better, I’m noticing my body getting stronger, I’m sleeping better and I’m also enjoying the positive encouragement and support with my fitness program that just feels a lot more healthy than dieting.

I have completed my big cycle challenge and in a few weeks I have my running challenge. In September I am doing a Triathlon!

I’m far from being over my eating disorder, but for now things are really looking up. My blog was about my journey to recovery, so it would be wrong to stop talking when the going gets good!

1 thought on “What happened to NomNom, where did she go?!

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing so well! I’m giving quietcalliope a bit of a rest for just now, so am being a mad meandering me instead, for the time being at least 🙂

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